Collage2 and Stacks

(Gavin Fregona) #1

Hi there,
Is it possible to put a Collage2 page into a Stacks page? Pluskit does not seem to work.

(Slavi Chavoc) #2

Yes. I did a test using RW 5.3.2 and the Collage2 page imported to a Stacks2 page via Pluskit. I cannot say about RW 6.3.7 because I don’t have the Collage2 plug-in on that version. Just add a text stack with the “@import((Collage2 page name here))” (do not include the quotes).

Edited to say that I added the Collage2 plugin to RW 6.3.7 and indeed, when I tried to import the page to a Stacks3 page via Pluskit I can only see the title of the image accompanied by the blue box/? icon. Moreover, when I then preview the Collage2 page itself, I get the same icon instead of the image.

(Gavin Fregona) #3

Thanks Slavi,
I tried again using the latest version of RW and Collage2. I can’t get it ti import correctly. I am using the latest version of the Flood theme.
I have just put the images from Collage2 with links into a Bricks stack instead.