Introducing Masonry 2

A brilliant stack for quickly building and deploying a brick wall / Pinterest style image gallery, complete with an expert lightbox. Masonry 2 maintains the premise of being simple to use; while providing plenty of customisable settings to satisfy the needs of most RapidWeaver users. Of particular note, Masonry 2 features a flexible and highly durable CSS3 grid column system and support for warehoused (linked) images.

Changes in this FREE update include the following:

  • Brand new Stacks 3 editing interface (blue ‘+’ buttons to add Masonry bricks)
  • Repaired support for automatic update checking
  • All color pickers now support opacity, in the OS X color palette window
  • The thumbnail image size limit of 300px has been removed
  • New caption alignment and styling options
  • Pure CSS3 columns masonry grid - for significant speed and compatibility improvements in modern web browsers
  • Swapped out the old ‘FancyBox’ lightbox for a newer alternative; which is fully responsive and retina display optimized

This update is obtainable from your Paddle Locker or by getting in contact and forwarding a copy of your purchase receipt. The significant changes that have been made in this stack mean that it is not obtainable via automatic updates. You can install Masonry 2 next to Masonry 1, giving you the opportunity to manually migrate old galleries over to this newer version.

If you are new to Masonry, spend a few minutes to watch the video here and download your free demo version from the product page.

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I just wanted to thank Will Woodgate for continuing to support and update the stacks acquired from SeyDesign.

Masonry 2 works really well and is flexible enough for what I need. Best of all Will supports his work. I emailed to him that I would find it really helpful if it were possible for each image to have one title/caption on the page grid and a different one in the lightbox.

By the next morning he had coded the additional feature and posted a new version. I am more than impressed.

Thanks Will.



Great Stack, as all of @willwood’s stacks are. :slight_smile: I’m looking for something like this with the ability to add a styled text stack and line stack below the image.

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