Color operations not working since 7.0.3

(German Yague) #1

Hi there. 7.0.3 and .4 just broke my HEX colors. My code is like this:

@media (min-width: 768px) {
.dropdown-submenu:hover {
background-color:%colour_navbar_bg - .20%;

It’s designed to select a color for the navbar from the color picker, and the rest of the webpage colors adjust automatically based on that one.
It doesn’t work since 7.0.3, tested. Why is there no documentation on the entire webpage about the new color sdk? Any solutions?

(Simon Maddox) #2

Hi @germanyague, could you send an example project and theme to and mention my name please?

(German Yague) #3

Sure. Meanwhile, is there really not any documentation about rgba and themes sdk? This is frustrating.

(German Yague) #4

Also, the alpha channel at the color picker only adjusts between 0 and 1. WTF?

(Simon Maddox) #5

That’s fixed for the next beta :slight_smile:

The documentation can be found on the RapidWeaver Developer Network forum while it’s still in beta (and things are subject to change). Once it’s available for general release, we’ll publish it more widely.

(German Yague) #6

Fine, I’ll wait… Where can I find the RapidWeaver Developer Network forum you talk about?

(Simon Maddox) #7

Best thing to do is email :slight_smile:

(Simon Maddox) #8

Hi @germanyague,

I’ve just received your project from the support team. Pleased to let you know that it looks like the original issue you reported has been fixed in the next 7.1 beta :slight_smile:

(ruby smith) #9

I also have trouble and am confused about the implementation of rgba in rw. is there any documentation about it? should it be there (color picker) and should it work? it does not seem to be implemented at all? or does ist depend on stacks being used? i also saw that i could not use settings other than 0 or 1… thanks for your help! ps: rw 7.4.1 meanwhile