Color transparency (rgba) in rapidweaver

I have trouble and am confused about the implementation of rgba in rw. is there any documentation about it? should it be there (color picker) and should it work? it does not seem to be implemented at all? or does ist depend on stacks being used? i also saw that i could not use settings other than 0 or 1 for the transparency. thanks for your help! ps: rw 7.4.1

Regarding stacks: exactly, the stack developer has to enable the color picker for each configuration element to be transparency enabled or not.

Themes: Afaik, also there are transparency colors available, but I don’t know exactly if the color picker for theme colors displays that automatically.

If enabled, you have a 0-100% slider inside the color picker to define the transparency.

Cheers, Jannis
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Just like Jannis said. Here is a screenshot that illustrates it:

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@instacks @Rovertek thanks a lot for your responses! that helps a lot and explains my confusion :wink: so rw does support it (the manual does not mention it…) but the theme or stacks also have to support it. thanks again for your help! ruby

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