Colour Picker panel problem in RW 7.3.1

(Andrew Longfield) #1

Just started having issues with the picker panel, which does not display the hex value or other dialogue boxes, and seems greyed out despite being active. It flickered into life at one stage, but then reverted to being problematic. A full computer reboot has failed to solve it, so I am thinking this is a bug and it is rather a nuisance. Is it just me?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

Get this color picker, it is free and VERY NICE!

Note, after install, you need to restart apps that use color pickers to see it.

(Andrew Longfield) #3

Ooh, that does look cool. I will try it. I have realised that the hex value does not typically appear on the colour wheel area shown in my screen grab, but it does seem sketchy in the slidebar and other areas too.

Thanks Robert!