Colour matching issues - ever getting resolved?

Not a new subject but I haven’t seen anything on it for a while - see Colors not matching up? from 2017.

I’m having fun and games trying to match button colours to an existing logo but whenever I sample it shifts from a deep blue to a deep purple which is very noticeable.

i know a bug report was filed with Apple back in 2017 but, as has been pointed out previously, other apps such as Adobe CS and Pixelmator don’t seem to have this problem so surely it could be a RW problem rather than a Mac one.

Can this issue be revisited by Realmac?

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Funny, I just answered this on Weaver’s Space.

TLDR; If you have the Skala color picker install, remove it now. The color that you pick greatly depends on the color profile that you have your displays set to. If you know how to use the dev inspector, you can figure out the exact color hex or rgb values.

Why does this not affect Adobe? To my knowledge, they wrote their own color picker and do not use the one built into the OS.

However, if you have Skala installed, it will permanently corrupt a color picker. I did some tests during one my Friday hangouts and the only solution to get a color setting fixed that was picked with Skala was to delete the stack and add a new one. I would not have believed it if it did not happen to me. There were other witnesses to this madness.


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