Color picker from one doc to another

Can someone tell me how to be consistent from one computer to another with the color picker? I create sets/colors and name them and they don’t transfer in the file itself. Where is this info stored?

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The files are stored in ~/Library/Colors

There is no option ‘Save as’, so you have to copy the file(s) and save them in the same folder on another Mac.

If you have Dropbox, move the file(s) with custom colours to a dedicated folder in the Dropbox folder.

When you use Color Picker on another Mac, choose ‘Open…’ and navigate to the Dropbox folder and select the appropriate file.

Hope this helps.


I’m no expert on this one but I believe you could use a color manager that syncs across devices. I believe SIP does this -

Skala integrates into the Mac OS color picker and you can “copy” colors to the clipboard so if you use a “cloud” clipboard that may work also.

Again, I don’t actively use these. You’ll have to check them out to see if they would work for your scenario.

The above Dropbox scenario is one I’ve never thought of.

Surely someone on the forum here has a great answer…


Hi Lisa

I am a user of Chronosync and have been for years - I set up a rule that effectively mirrors my colour picker settings from my main machine to all other Macs that I use.

Once set up its automatic and a breeze.



Ah… duh… slapping my forehead… And I use Carbon Copy Cloner so all I would need to is setup a CCC job to sync the color swatches file across devices… so simple! Thanks Macmenno…


I sync the color palette with Dropbox. This works with 5 Macs without any problem for years. It is tricky to setup, but with some time and a cup of coffee… :wink:



If you choose to go the Chronosync route the attached screenshot shows how I configure the rile.

Kind Regards


Thanks to all for the helpful solutions.
I think the simplest for me is just to copy the file… I found it, thank you @Macmenno. I mostly work on my laptop at my day job, then move to my desktop at home on the weekends, so that would be pretty easy.

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