Color pickers used in Joe Workmans videos?

(Geoffrey Renk) #1

I understand the the color pickers that come up when you choose colors in Foundation stacks are from the MacOS system? So does anyone recommend any downloadable enhancements for MacOS? In particular I like what Joe has in the videos where it seems like you can save colors to reuse in the picker, specific collection (eg web safe) etc? Someone mentioned Skala?



PS REALLY like the Stacks 3/Foundation Stacks updates ! ! !

(Elliot Jackson) #2

Hey Geoffrey,

Skala Color is the best one around in my opinion. You can download it for free here: Installation instructions should be included in the download.

It’s worth noting that colours can be saved in the system colour picker too.

Hope that helps,
— Elliot

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #3

Have to agree, @ElliotEKJ beat me to the punch, was just going to suggest that one.

(Geoffrey Renk) #4

Thanks, guys. I read a little about color pickers, downloaded and installed skacolor and played a bit. Now I see how it works, storing favorites, etc. Thanks a lot for quick responses!

  • Geoff