Colour picker for hex values


Persistent colour picker does not seem to work anymore. I have tried Skala colour picker but that doesn’t show in Rapidweaver either after install? @zeebe - recommended this a few times when I searched.

Ta Nigel

I have heard Skala does not work in High Sierra, I have not updated my main computers to Skala yet, and have not tried using it on the ones I have updated. That could be your issue. A lot of people like to us Sip
as well.

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Thanks. I already had Sip so will try that one out.


You could also try this to get Skala to work in High Sierra:

Skala Color does not appear in the system color panel on macOS High Sierra. We are working on a new version to fix this issue, but you can manually move the color picker from the user Library folder to the Library folder that is at the root of your system disk, if you’d like to use it before we release a fixed update.
> Move this file: ~/Library/ColorPickers/SkalaColor.colorPicker
> To here: /Library/ColorPickers/SkalaColor.colorPicker


Thank you. I will have a play about wth that and report back.

Cheers - That worked.


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