Colors in RapidWeaver and other, why different?!

(Wondrous) #1

Who can tell why the color palette in Rapidweaver, for example, in Photoshop, different? That is, apply some color for the item (for example, for navigation) in Rapidweaver, I want to make another item (image) in Photoshop and apply the same color code, but in the end they get a different color. What nonsense is this? How to guess the right color, so it was the same in both programs?

Try applying this colorr (#314967) to the theme element and use the same code in Photoshop, then paste it (image) into Rapidweaver and make sure they are different.

(Jason Bostick) #2

There’s a similar thread here with some explanation: Colors not matching up?

(Wondrous) #3

Thanks for the link, read it, but did not really understand how to make it look the same color. Conclusion is what?

Now I edited the picture in the online editor and put it in the project, the colors are the same. So, in Photoshop need to look at the color profile or what else to do?

P.S. Ok, I’ll just change the Photoshop color picker, from Adobe to Apple.

(Simon Maddox) #4

@Wondrous: can you share a more specific example of what you’re doing? If you can provide steps that I can perform here too, and what you’d expect to see vs what you’re actually seeing, then I can take a look and see if it’s a bug or the issue mentioned in the linked thread.

Videos and/or screenshots would be really helpful, if you’re able.

(Wondrous) #5

I’m English not very good, so it will be rather difficult to explain. But has noticed that the color chosen is not the same.

Similar was discussed in another topic, the link to which is given earlier. But for example, if you set the color of the Header color pictures on the page, with a pipette, the resulting color will be darker.
Example (GIF) -

(DeFliGra) #6

I’m in the graphic line of business, dealing with colors for print everyday… colors are a great issue.

Colors on the screen… I’ve given up! No way you can ever ever ever show the right colors to users (!) Like ever!

It really doesn’t matter if you can match photoshop colors to rapidweaver colors to… any other app. Doesn’t matter – because ALL people will see / experience colors different – because of their monitors (computer screen, tablet, smartphone, iOS, Android, Windowz). Because of their eyes!

You’ll never – like never ever – get a constant color… through all devices and all eyes!

ALL websites users will see all website colors differently – anyway.
ALL people will see colors differently. Your eyes are not the eyes of your neighbour (!)

I’m pretty harsh on this matter… I know. That’s because I ‘collect’ tons on questions and answers when sending online proof to customers, seeing colors – differently – on screen. Not just ‘different’ – but really really dirfferent form the way it’ll look on print.

The way I look at it – if a color is within 10% ‘right’ on the monitor, from one display to the other, from one user to the other… it’s okay!

(Simon Maddox) #7

Ahh yes, that looks like the same issue as the one described in that thread.

It’s hard to explain, but that colour pipette chooses the colour based on the value displayed by the screen - not the one that RapidWeaver sets. It’s controlled by macOS, unfortunately. Apple have said they’ll look into it - that’s all we know :slight_frown: