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Hello, due to recent availability on time I wish to update my site; ( my previous/current project that I wish to update the text in the Joe Workman Columnist stack which I greatly used has turned to; Gluten-free paleo gastropub authentic fle etc.
Can anyone please advise me on how to regain the eligible text, in order to use and edit it. I am using Version 7.5.7 (18828).
Thanks D

I do not see Columnist on that webpage. Where is it?

Apologies Joe and thanks for your response it is on practically all the other pages which is the difficulty. in example,, further the old/existing published site is all ok just when I want to now re edit the file to modify the site, the text is as described? Thanks David

I am not see blurry text. What browser (and version) are you using?

Hello Joe, the existing site is ok I wish to update it. Some how the text in all of the columnist stacks of the project file has become corrupted, reading, ‘Gluten-free paleo gastropub authentic fle’ etc.
I will happily forward the file if appropriate, maybe your drop box, to illustrate. Thanks, again, David

Oh! So all of your text reverted to the default content!!! Are you syncing your project file over Dropbox by chance? Is there a backup of the project anywhere?

I may need to bring in the big guns to help out on this one… @Isaiah, Columnist uses markdown. David is saying that his content reverted to the default Markdown content defined in the stack. Any clue on what we can do?

Hello Joe, very interested in any developments in this issue as all my files using columnist have reverted to default, previously I did not use markdown with columnist. Something has changed as the site that is published does not have the default text so I do not what has changed. I do use littleoak to publish and understand that a backup is made there on publishing, would that be helpful. I ask this as all other files and manifestations of my current site either in dropbox or other remote backups present with the same issue. Thanks again, for your time, David

V2.0 of columnist - Moved to use Markdown as primary import mechanism.
Sounds like you had the older version and something happened during the upgrade to the newer version.

The upgrade did not replace the old instances with the markdown version though. I just opened some old project files to verify. The old instances are renamed Columnist Legacy.

The only way to get markdown is by adding a new j stance of the stack to the page.

Hello to you both and thank you for your support. Going right back, in my project files, I have found columnist stacks expressed as columnist legacy, Joe described which I can use.
I am not sure how they then, at some time, automatically updated to markdown delivering reverted text. Either way all is easy, thanks David

If you would like to send me you project, i can have a look.

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