Paragraph Pro not rendering links?

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. I’ve rebuilt my website with Foundation and I’ve been using the rather wonderful Paragraph Pro and Header Pro by Big White Duck to great effect. On this page however, the stacks seem to behave differently as they don’t render the links (in orange throughout the copy) properly. Also, some of the stacks aren’t responding to padding an margin changes. Can any of you clever folk help?

You seem to have HUGE margins and padding around a Foundation Header below it, and it seems like it is covering the links in the stuff above.

Thanks for the reply @zeebe I’ve just tried swapping out the header for other copies of Header Pro, but the links still don’t work. Any idea how I fix this?

I’m only on mobile this week as I’m away but from @zeebe 's screen shot, it looks like a float problem which is most likely coming from the floating images in the paragraph pro stacks - this will cause following content to not be cleared correctly and overlay the paragraph preventing clicks on the links.

First thin to try is to enable either Clear line after image and/or Do not wrap subsequent stacks in the Floating Image stack Advanced Settings

If that does not help you can always fire me a project file to the support email and I’ll sort it out as soon as I’m back at the end of the week.

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Thanks Andrew - that’s sorted it. Absolutely brilliant stacks. I downloaded them before I actually had Foundation, but they would be a must buy going forward (I did make a small donation at the time) and I applaud your generosity.


It’s my pleasure. Header and Paragraph Pro of course do not need Foundation and so you can use them anywhere you like.


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