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I have an issue with Columnist Stack, struggling to align the content of the columns vertically as you can see in the attached screenshot. I also wonder where the paragraph tag comes from and how to get rid of it.

Thanks for any hint.



Mostly this happens when you copy & paste without using the command “paste and match style” or “Paste as plain text”. I think you copied many invisible formatting commands from e. g. a word document?

No, this isn’t the case.

If you are talking about the Columnist stack from @joeworkman than it uses markdown for the text. That’s where the paragraph tags come from.

It’s not really designed to be a “normal” column stack it uses CSS Columns properties and you can’t really easily set when a column break will occur. It will “float” the text from one column to the next as needed based on the screen width.

For example if you have it set for 3 columns with a min width of 200px then it will be 2 or 1 column wide depending on the screen width.

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With Columnist, there isn’t very much we can do about positioning text. The browser determines the flow of the text between the columns. You can adjust the width of the columns and gutter though. that should also affect how the text lines up at particular breakpoints.

Hi Doug, hi Joe. Thanks for the detailed feedback - this makes sense

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