Combine slider with animation on each slide

Can i make this sort of thing: each slide into slider (MovingBox2 or SuperFlex3) must have text area, animating (floating in) only at time, when slide appears on screen? And when slider start showing next slide, animations on it also need to start from beginning to show different texts.

All my test allways give me this: first slide has animation, but other no, because its already worked outside the screen and slide showed like an image with static texts.

Thank You!

The only solution that works for me that way is the Impact stack from Joe Workman.

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Try it and, yes, it works. Thank You!
But, it doesn’t accept touch gestures, and has much more limited ( compared with MovingBox ) ability to work with slides like center mode, fine tuning of dots&arrows and other small things doing MovingBox so great for my tasks. May be simpler ask Joe to improve this side of MovingBox? If this works inside Impact, maybe it can work inside MovingBox?