Where is the the RapidWeaver Manual? Where is the http://help.realmacsoftware.com?

I can not find the RapidWeaver manual.
The Mac Top Bar Link “Help”> “Rapidweaver Manual” takes me to a Safaris’ can’t-find-the-server message.
I have pretty basic questiona that a manual could solve.

RapidWeaver was never that big on manuals.
Try asking your question here, likely the Testudine chap will answer it if not one of the other helpful types.

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Hi @mario_br

As RapidWeaver is in private beta currently for a major version release, the website is under reconstruction as well and most of the online manual/FAQ is no longer accessible.

Instead, may I point you to a FREE series of Getting Started video’s on the software at the RapidWeaver Community Site

There is also the addons header link that you can search for themes, plugins and stacks should you so desire.

Hope that helps
Brad (Testudine Chap - @ricinport lol)

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You can use the following link to find the archived version in the meantime: https://web.archive.org/web/20151222031826/http://help.realmacsoftware.com/hc/en-us

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there are some things on youtube as well.
Overtime you will find that the real issue is every theme stack and pluggin will work different and your going to be depending on the documentation of those products…