Comment centrer horizontalement une image dans stacks image

Quand j’utilise “stacks image” l’image n’est jamais centrée horizontalement mais toujours à gauche.
Si j’utilise l’option centrer dans l’inspecteur, l’image n’est plus à l’échelle.
Merci de me dire comment faire !

When I use " stacks image " the image is never centered horizontally but still to the left.
If I use the option to center in the inspector, the image is not any more in the scale(ladder).
Thank you for telling me how to make!

The default behavior of a Stacks image in Stacks 3 is to scale to the size of the column that it’s in. If your theme allows the whole width of the page, the image will fill it. This sounds like exactly what you want.

However some themes and some 3rd party image stacks change this behavior.

My guess is that your theme or something else on the page is preventing the default behavior. So I would recommend try using a built-in image stack on a simple built in theme – and seeing if that behaves differently. If it doesn’t, contact our support folks and share you RapidWeaver file/theme/3rd-party-stacks with us – that will give us the info we need to provide you with more specific advice.