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(Stuart Marshall) #1

Does anyone know how to align an image if using Instack’s Remote Image Stack. Is a great stack for linking to warehoused images but am not seeing an easy way to align left, right or centre. Any help appreciated.

Or what other stacks do people use for a simple warehoused image stack?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

Joe Workman has a stack that allows you to set the alignment Left, Right or Center. Here are the stack’s settings:
50 AM

It is called Warehouse Image stack:

(Stuart Marshall) #3

Thanks Robert. That would certainly do it, though was hoping for one that had a few more settings for sizing / responsive behaviour. The Instack’s one is great apart from an alignment option:

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 04 49 12 PM

(klaatu) #4

Unless I am misreading, the instacks stack allows you to define your own CSS class for use with the image. It would be a nothing thing to add that class to your global CSS container which, in turn, gives you pretty much full control over the image alignment.

Stick a class name like ‘centredRemoteImage’ into that setting, point it to an image somewhere, publish a test page and come back here to tell us the URL to the test page. We can then give you the CSS to do what(ever) you need.

(Rob Beattie) #5

Yuzool’s Warehouse stack has alignment options and is free.

(Stuart Marshall) #6

Thanks. Yes - I will do this. I had just thought there might have been a stack that didn’t need this extra work. Seems like an odd omission in the Instack’s stack.

And thanks @robbeattie. I do have that stack and it would have worked fine except you can only set the width to be a % of the container. I want to set a max width.

(Gary) #7

Exactly what klaatu said. The inStacks image stack is a really powerful image stack the way it has been implemented.

(klaatu) #8

that didn’t need this extra work.

Ah, but you won’t be saying that if you ever decide that you want to change the alignment of the images to, let’s say, right side, and to achieve that change on every image in your project you only need to modify a single line of CSS.

Calls it correctly, as usual, IMHO - everything you need is right there, you are just not used to working with things in your project that way, yet.

(Stuart Marshall) #9

is hard to imagine a scenario where I would suddenly need to right align all centred images. I take your general point though and I do understand the power and advantages of using CSS but still think a left, centre and right align option within this stack would be useful.

(Doug Bennett) #10

The image alignment (left, right, or center) wouldn’t be applied to every image. If the stack had this option, it would use CSS to make it happen. I agree that it would be a nice future enhancement that I’m sure Janis (@instacks ) will consider adding.
In the meantime, you could just add a class name to the one or more image(s) you want to align and insert the simple CSS.
You could add classes called left, right, and center and have all the alignments you’re asking for, today no waiting.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #11

Hi Stuart, as already said in my email to you, I will add such an option after holidays.
Thanks for your patience.

Cheers Jannis
:snowman::mrs_claus: :evergreen_tree:

(Stuart Marshall) #12

You just said “Will check in the new year” but that is great to hear. Was just sussing out options for the interim period.

Thanks. And to you!

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #13

Come on, you should know me already :wink:
It isn’t a big change, but I need a (short) break now.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #14

Done, v1.2.0 now contains that alignment option.

(Stuart Marshall) #15

Fantastic! Thanks Jannis. Now get back to your holidays!!

(system) #16

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