Rapidcart pro payment missing

(ricklashonefoy) #1

Please, can someone tell me why my paymaent option is not available after I ENABLE stripe inside the Rapidweaver app. I have the secret key in the right location. here is the website site underneath “STORE”. Please help. Thank you. www.comidapaws.com

Also I am noticing that it takes several times to register the “add to cart” or it does not add product. What is causing this?

(ricklashonefoy) #2

please … anyone can provide a solution?

(NeilUK) #3

I’ve just been to your site and I added the item and deleted it from the cart 5-6 times. It added to the cart every time without an issue.

I also use Rapidcart with Stripe, and as long as it’s set up correctly, customers won’t even know they’re paying through Stripe. They just enter their card details and the money appears in your Stripe account. When people go through the cart process, all they’ll see is the credit/debit card fields to fill in.

There is an option to use a test key with Stripe to make sure it’s working. That’s available in your Stripe dashboard where your secret key is. I used a test key in the beginning to make sure it was working.

(ricklashonefoy) #4

Ok I will look at it I don’t even know how to use this test key. I just wanted to be able to paste my secret key into the correct place inside rapidcart pro and hoped it worked. There still should be some way for customers to process their order that is where it stops. Are you saying that stripe is not allowing the processing method choice? Because like I said the only choice inside Rapidcart pro that I see is to Enable Stripe in the (Cart) - (Payment) section. I just wished it was simple and maybe it is but this is way too much information provided just to do simple task. I would like to see a step by step process first then the detailed info explaining the steps.

(ricklashonefoy) #5

I am looking on the stripe site which gives some kind of html code to use on server side; the rapidweaver class did not say anything about that underneath payment. Where am I suppose to place this code?

(NeilUK) #6

The test key is similar to the secret key and you paste it in the same place. The test key allows you to “buy” something in your store but doesn’t charge your card. It will simulate a purchase so that you know Stripe is working.

There are other payment options in Rapidcart; Paypal and Mollie. Once you get the setup right, it just works without issues.

I’ve attached a screenshot of what the payment screen looks like with Stripe. There are no options to choose; customers just enter their card details and the payment goes to your Stripe account. Stripe then pay you 7 days later.

(ricklashonefoy) #7

I appreciate your time and advice to help me figure this out. I’ll let you know how it ends. I did not think that I would have so much technical stuff to do on the stripe side. Looking at it from the Rapidweaver side all you have to do is paste in that secret key but not the case. I am not getting the [CREDIT CARD page] after entering my secret key. There must be something not mentioned. I will be contacting stripe tomorrow to see if they can assist me. I would have expected more help from this forum. Like I said, I do appreciate you for trying. Thank you again.