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After much searching, emails between the STRIPE support team and a bit of head scratching it would appear that STRIPE no longer supports the automatic creation of an SKU ID for use with @yuzool @YuzoolSupport Checkout 2 stack. The reason for this is because STRIPE now see’s this as an ‘old product’. Can anyone recommend an alternative to Checkout 2 and that allows me to connect to STRIPE’s new API ID ?? Thanks in advance | Justin

Hey @DinkyPixel
Take a look at RapidCart Pro.

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It depends on how you intend to use your Stripe checkout but Vibralogix have a good cart out that uses Stripe -

I am just about to complete my second live installation



I use Stripe as payment processor for my website at and use Cartloom for Rapidweaver.


Hi @Peter - and thanks for the 'heads up with regards to Cartloom. Unfortunately I don’t turnover enough sales to warrant the $20 per month fee with this stack so it’s a no go for me at the moment. I personally prefer the idea of paying a one time fee for access to a stack that supports STRIPE. Thanks. Justin

Hi @Beauvais. Looking at this solution there appears to be quite a lot going on under the hood. Thanks for the ‘heads up’ Unfortunately for me the UI doesn’t quite align with the Foundry framework and design that I am currently using. Kind Regards | Justin

Hi @yabdab - keen to find out how PaySnap works and to see that this stack can process STRIPE payments without the need for a SKU ID, do you have an instruction manually that talks about how to connect the stack to STRIPE ? Can you also tell me if you offer a demo or trial version so that I put PaySnap stack through its paces ? Kind Regards | Justin

Hi @rob - and thanks for the ‘heads up’. Looking at the documentation and manual in support of Rapidcart Pro I notice that your using RapidWeaver 6 as an example of where you would use it. The material presented is also dated 2016. Can you confirm that you are continuing to develop this stack as I don’t want to buy it only to discover that you plan to retire it .Kind Regards | Justin

@DinkyPixel RapidCart Pro is actively developed and supported.
See version history at

@DinkyPixel I’ve been using, and still use, Rapidcart since 2016. It is still being developed and the documentation is really good.

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Hi @rob - I’m afraid when I click on that URL all I get is the message ‘503 | Service Unavailable’ . Screenshot 2021-01-22 at 10.44.52 Kind Regards | Justin

Hi @NeilUK - and thanks for getting back to me. Do you mind sharing some examples of where you have been using RapidCart 4 on your websites please ? @rob on a similar note, can you also provide me with examples of where your customers have successful been using this stack ? Kind Regards | Justin

That’s a Realmac Software website. You should ping @dan on this matter.

Hey @DinkyPixel, I knew you were going to ask that LOL.

At the moment, I’m only using it to collect rental payments on a couple of properties abroad. It’s behind a password protected page. However, I’m also abroad having escaped the madness in the UK and I’m currently setting up an e-commerce project here, which will use Rapidcart.

To be fair to Rob, he probably won’t know many sites that use his plugin because there’s no way for him to know that. It’s not registered to a particular domain.

To me it’s a solid solution for selling pretty much anything.

Use 4111 1111 1111 1111 as the test card number at checkout.

Thanks @yabdab but I wanted to know is how the web developer connects the PaySnap 3 to their STRIPE account/products - something that I am having difficulty doing with @yuzool @YuzoolSupport Checkout 2 stack. Where is your manual showing how to do this please ? Kind Regards | Justin

Hi @rob - can you please point me in the direction of your manual/user instructions on how I can connect RapidCart Pro to my STRIPE account/products please ? Kind Regards | Justin

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I use RCP and Paysnap, two very different ways of adding e-commerce to an RW site, but both excellent at what the way they do it, I’d say about the best two solutions for RW there is, which between them should cover pretty much all scenarios.

From memory, connecting Paysnap to Stripe is much the same as most other solutions I’ve used: Add your keys and you’re sorted.

By the way, I was having a nosey around your site, it’s really nice, but in the headers that appear on refresh you have a dead link…