Community Gift from Dual Shard Designs

Thank you all for checking out the Stack. :smiley:

We will be releasing an update shortly that will address an issue when multiple are used on a single page. If you do run into any trouble, you can contact support on our website, we are more than happy to help with any problems you run into.

Though our word doesn’t mean much yet, we hope to earn everyone’s trust throughout time as we make more and chat more. We are not trying to spread viruses or sell your information, just building an optional newsletter to help get our name out there and offer some great addons for RapidWeaver :slight_smile: (as a further bit of clarity about our motives, the download link is provided right after you sign up, not in a message sent to the email address you provide, so if you are worried use an email address that includes “unsubscribe” in the name like "" and our system will know to remove it.)

To those having trouble getting the Stack to display:
“If you are adding the Stack to a blank project to check it out, you will need to either add padding or content above the Stack. The notice displays above the content, so if the content is hugging the top of the page it will display above it and out of view.”

And those who missed the download link on the confirmation page:
“After signing up you will be taken to a new page that has a message and the download link. If you missed this screen, no worries, shoot us a message and we will get you a new download link.”

Hello Michael, You can contact us through our website, we give you a link to download the stack :slight_smile:

Welcome to the RapidWeaver community :slight_smile:

Just checked out the floating notice stack, looks pretty nifty — Keep up the good work!


Me too but can you get it to actually animate? :sunglasses:

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Thank you. I figured out how to change the floating note button, and all seems to work fine.

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I missed the download link as well…

Love your website. Welcome to the community!

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Nice work on the new stack. Let me know if you need any help fixing some of those issues. :smiley:

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Thank You!

Nice way to introduce yourself. I find it a very nifty little stack. I have not played with using a stack instead of text but the text is cool enough!

I signed up for the email list and look forward to seeing your future work. All the best.

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Many thanks @DualShardSupport, just built a little message that will have all my users seasick!!

But really, thanks for joining and contributing to the RW community.
It’s a cute stack and I will find real uses for it.


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As @JohnJ mentioned, this is a nice way to introduce yourselves. I’d love to know who is behind DualShard, though. I’m assuming you’re not brand new to RapidWeaver - any chance you’ll tell us who you are? I’m a little hesitant to fork my credit card over for products (looking at you @weavium) without knowing at least a physical address of where the business resides.


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