Community Site Notifications

Hello Weaver Devs,

I have a couple of question about notifications you receive from the RapidWeaver Community site:

Which of the following notifications would you like to receive:

  • Addon liked
  • Addon unliked
  • Addon reviewed
  • Addon review deleted
  • Addon approved
  • Addon rejected
  • Addon featured in video tutorial

How would you like to receive these notifications:

  1. I don’t want notifications
  2. Via email
  3. Via slack
  4. On the community site

If you could all let me know which notifications you’d like (or if you’d prefer to stop receiving notifications) and how you’d like to receive them, that’d be grand.


Hi @ben I don’t mind receiving All notifications via email.

Email for everything.

I’d prefer mail for all notifications as well.

Just email would be enough

  • Addon approved
  • Addon rejected

Just email

Slack would be cool with me… :slight_smile:

is Joe the only one who uses Slack? I thought that everyone hates emails these days :wink:

I thought Slack was going to be popular… I’ll stick to email though, if that’s what you want :slight_smile:

Addon reviewed (i.e. user submitted comments)
Addon approved
Addon rejected

All by email

  1. or 3. for me! But I guess I’m out voted now :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything by mail :slight_smile:

@ben Just arrived two emails notifying addon’s review, but no review is displayed in product page.
Is this expected?

Could possibly be someone adding and then immediately removing a review. Which Addon was it for?