Compressed copy of Project included for upload


This is a bit out there…
I’ve seen quite a few posts lately from people asking how to download a copy of their website that they have “lost”. Obviously, the files uploaded to the server can be downloaded but they cannot be converted into a project file to use in RapidWeaver.

Would it be possible to have an option for RapidWeaver to create a zipped file of the current project and include it in the upload to server (as a resource or other)? Thus having a workable file to download at a later date if needed?

Cheers for your ears.

@bitbumpy – It turns out that there is a better solution (3rd party app). See this discussion.

Looks like a good app but is it a “better solution”?

Could realmac build this into RapidWeaver?

Don’t see the need to build a zip feature in, It’s very simple to just right click your project file, ‘Compress’ then upload to your preferred ‘Cloud’ solution - I do this this with all my projects. After any major changes just repeat the operation, if you change the filename you can keep a full backup of all previous versions.

Thanks @DaveFox I already do this too. The Feature Request would eliminate the need for this though…?

Thanks for the suggestion, guys. Given the possibility of project files being substantial - and the possibility of personal details being in a public location - this isn’t something we’re looking at right now. However that’s not to say it would never appear in RW!