Save As Complete - or something

(John Scrip / MASSIVE Mastering LLC) #1

I see the way to incorporate resources and what not into the file - But I can’t even begin to say how cool it would be to simply be able to save all the files that make up a site to a folder. MP3’s, banners, whatever. “Save Complete Site To:” or “Collect Project Files to:” and you’re golden. The perfect backup / new working folder.

(Rob Beattie) #2

You know you can create Portable Documents with RW7? Maybe that’s what you’re looking for?

(John Scrip / MASSIVE Mastering LLC) #3

Sort of – From what I understand, making the site “portable” integrates everything into a giant file (which works for archiving and what not, sure). I’m sure what I’m referring to is similar, but not quite the same – Just collecting all the files together to a common folder. I have images and what not from all over my drive - if one of those changes or gets deleted, I’ve got problems. My fault, sure. But I’d imagine I’m not the only one…

The difference would be that one collects everything into a common file and the other just into a common location (which then could be compressed to a common file). Like a local publish - that the Rapidweaver file then uses as the resources.

(Rob Beattie) #4

I suppose you could always just export the site locally to a folder and then compress and back that up.

(Mathew Mitchell) #5

John: Your wish is why some of us “warehouse” our materials. I almost never drag images, sounds and so forth into my RW project. Instead I FTP them to a common folder on my hosting area, copy the URL, and then use those URLs in my project. It works very nicely for some of the key reasons you stated: it doesn’t matter if I move a file, change the name of a file, etc. on my hard drive. The only thing my RW project ends up caring about is the URL I provide on my hosting site.

I am “pretty good” but not excellent at collecting all those files into one place on my hard drive. This need not be done, but it would insure against confusion/problems. Not problems with RW but just general things like a client wants an image edited: then I have it in one known location.

Another key factor is many folks who warehouse put all their materials into one clearly named folder. I tend to use “zwarehouse” or something similar. I use the “z” so the folder always comes last (or first in an inverted sort) when looking at files/folders at my hosting location.

I know this is not exactly what you wanted, but for the present it really helps a number of us work efficiently and effectively by not losing those extra files (images, etc.), not having corrupted RW project files, and some other problems.

(Rob D) #6

Hey, John! This can be easily accomplished by planning ahead when you start your project.

When I start a RW project, I create a folder on my disk and name it like the domain I intend to work with. My project is placed inside that folder. Then, inside that main folder, I create all kinds of other child-folders related to the same domain. I have a separate child folder for the local export of my site. There is one folder called… “Resources”. This is the place where I gather few photos, graphics and other things that I use as my editorial/design items for that particular domain and that do not get warehoused. But all my galleries and PDFs are fed with files warehoused on a server.

This way I always know where my files are. I don’t need to fish for them all over my computer. All it takes is some planning and preparation.

(John Scrip / MASSIVE Mastering LLC) #7

Understood – But it would still be a stellar addition. Totally possible also considering the “make portable” or whatever it is.

Every web design software I’ve ever used has a similar feature.

Every decent audio program I use (I’m an audio engineer by trade) has a similar feature. Even playback programs for live use collect project files and gather them to a common location.

I get the whole “planning and preparation” thing – But a lot of design and implementation is experimentation – and it’s hard to prepare for a lot of that.