Troubles updating client's website

Hello folks,

I am hoping for some help. I have a client asking me to update their website. They website was built in RapidWeaver in Feb 2014. Their original files are on an old Mac that has since kicked the bucket so they are unavailable. I have downloaded the demo version (5.4.1) so that I can upgrade their site to the newest version. HOWEVER… I can not seem to find any project files on the host server that will open in RapidWeaver. I am new to Rapidweaver. Would the project file not have been part of the file upload to publish the website?
Please let me know how I could update their website if I am not able to open it is RapidWeaver. Is there something I am missing that could help?

Help Please!


you can not update their old site without the project file, will have to do a re-write


Yup. As @swilliam said, you would need to recreate it if you don’t have a Rapidweaver project file.

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Thank you folks. That was my suspicion. I just needed a confirmation before going to the client :slight_smile:

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For what it’s worth (for the future), RW7 lets you upload a backup zip file of your project - not that that helps you now! :slight_smile:


That is good to know. I am able to do the small updates they are looking for right now in Dreamweaver. They were discussing a future redesign. This may just speed up their timeline.