Concensus Recommendations Moving to Version &?

_Just wondering aloud if there is a "best practices” concensus _

arrived at for a move to RW Version 7 on already existing websites.

Has anyone identified the best way to proceed to move a site to version 7?

  • Is there a migration path?
  • Do you create a duplicate site in 7 & publish it to the server all over the top?

1 get all your themes stacks and plugins up to date.
2 install RW 7 make sure that all is in the right place
3 back up all your project files if you have not.
4 convert your projects and enjoy

More info here:

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Thanks both very much. —> CONVERT!!!
I took a forum comment about being unable to convert - as being correct at face value & stopped looking. My bad.

This should be so much nicer than having to recreate from scratch!