Rapidweaver 6 to Rapidweaver 7 website


I am not a web expert (that is why I bought Rapidweaver after all). I upgraded to RW7 and I have a working website I spent hours on a building. It still opens in RW6 but when I try to open the same website that RW7 converted I get all kinds of missing files, outdated blog postings, and the generic theme banner. I thought this was all suppose to be automatic. How do I get the same website that opens fine in RW6 to open fine in RW7. When I had converted to RW6 years ago it was seamless. Not so this time.


Have you checked this?


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Ok Rob,

Yes that worked to correct all the missing files and resources but the theme is back to default, banner now default, page sizes back to default, background colors, text colors all changed. i was hoping I would be back to my custom website and not have to make all these changes.


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