Help with RW 5 to v7

This is really directed to @Aaron - but I put it here so others may benefit. I’ve been asked by a long-time user of Rw to assist with upgrading his site from Rw5 to Rw7 (he can’t move to v8 yet because his Mac won’t run the necessary OS).

I looked through the posts here, but the link that contains instructions (HERE) is missing.

So, my questions are:

  • Can the owner of the v5 site save it in some fashion that I can open it in v7? (I seem to recall there was a way to 'save it up so that v6 could open them…if so, will it work for v7, too?)
  • Failing that, is it possible for me to download a copy of v5 (I still have my license saved in 1Password)?

He is using the Baukraft theme - I assume it will be compatible with the same theme in 7.

Many thanks,


PS - as I’m sure most of you know, v8 will open his project, v7 will not. Regardless, I can’t see anything in EDIT mode (although the content is there, since I can see it in PREVIEW mode).

I think this might be the new link you are looking for:

Download here

Many thanks, Doug! @teefers

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Looks like the Rw is good to go. His site, which currently is not responsive, opens just fine in v7 (once upgraded to v6) - and he is going to move it to a responsive theme. I was able to show him several themes where his old site looks great using a modern theme.

Cheers! Dave

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