Navigator Theme+PayLoom+Mobile Phone

I have already put up a topic under another heading, but sadly have not received any response so far. I am earnestly seeking advice. My site ref is query in question =
How can I get the View Cart button to display on my site when using an iPhone? It works fine with desktop computer, laptop, iPad (portrait and landscape). I am using a responsive theme - Navigator
I am receiving lots of complaints from frustrated customers who cannot purchase tickets for my fundraising event.
Any helpful advice or solutions very gratefully received.


May I ask why you are using the PayPal button instead of the PayLoom 3 buttons?

I’m not sure what you have configured differently (other than button types) than by @peacock, but his works on mobiles not problem using the same plugin, he uses Hive Theme by same developer as Navigator.

What version of Payloom are you using?, What version of RapidWeaver? What version of Stacks?

Have you conferred with YabDab about the issue or checked his FAQ?

Hope that gives you a direction to start looking

I would check your theme and make sure you have check the box in your theme to make it responsive. That’s what I did on my theme HIVE. I do not use stacks.

I had to do that in order to make all my videos fit the page. And I have no issues with customers complaining on my pages. It’s working really well after a lot of help from some fine people from RW Community.

I had to make every single page on my website responsive by checking the appropriate box.

Go to your same developer site and I believe he has videos on how to do specific things…watch each one of those…that’s what I did on mine and I viewed them numerous times.

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Hello Brad

Thanks for your kind reply. I am using RW V 6.5 Payloom V 2.0.7 and Stacks 3.0.5

I have looked at the site you recommended. I am reluctant to change the theme of my site at this stage

I have tried to download Payloom V 3 from both Yabdab and MacUpdate. The Yabdab site says that V3 is not available when I try to purchase (either the Standard or Pro versions). The MacUpdate site allows the upgrade but this fails to install (except for the Stacks V3 bit). I have checked the Yabdab FAQ and mailed, but no reply so far. Am getting pretty frustrated at this stage. Maybe I should try something completly different! I have watched all the tutorials on RW Classroom and on the Navigator Theme Elixir site. I have received a very helpful reply from RW Classroom advising me install PayLoom 3 ! Their current Tutorial is for Payloom 2 and I believe this will shortly be upgraded. Any further help would be so appreciated.

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Hi Yvonne

I really don’t think it is a Theme issues as I have that Theme and it is wonderful to work with.

To be honest, I am not sure Yabdab is supporting or selling PayLoom 3 anymore as he has removed it from his site menu and store (I purchased it about 7 months ago). I would suggest his PaySnap (Stacks derivative of PayLoom) but it hasn’t been updated in a while and as I don’t have it, I am unable to verify it works as advertised… I also don’t know if Payloom 3 was an upgrade with cost or free. If free, it should have been updated when you restart RapidWeaver as typically plugin pages types are. YabDab has always given me great support should i have queries about his products.

PayLoom 3 works GREAT once it is configured correctly, which can be a slight challenge.

There are many “cart” type options, some mobile friendly, some not so much.

From what I can gather, you don’t need a full cart system like RapidCartPro 4.x, just a couple of tickets to a fundraising event correct?

If so, Yuzoolthemes has one in particular that might fit your requirements as stacks, there are other stacks from other developers too.

PayPal Cart Stack
Demo Site for PayPal Cart Stack

Not trying to get yo to change store software, just giving the facts ma’am :wink:

Have a look around the RapidWeaver Community site for paypal stacks and have a look at our recommended stack for this project and make a decision from there.

Good luck

Hello Brad

Thanks very much for such helpful advice. I am definitely abandoning PayLoom. I’ve wasted so much time on it. I will certainly have a look at the two options you have suggested. In desperation I purchased RapidPro Cart, but I agree it’s overkill for what I need it for in this instance. AlI I need is for the purchase page to show up on a mobile phone! I am afraid to say that I have found Yabdab less than helpful. Their response to my query was “what kind of mobile phone are they using” - very poor response in my opinion - nothing about the fact that PayLoom 3 has been discontinued. I am a great fan of the Navigator theme and have used it a lot. It is excellent. Thanks again - much appreciated.

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Hi Yvonne

Mike can be abrupt when the support request is lacking in information or people haven’t bothered to go through the FAQ/demo pages (not making excuses for him). As for discontinuing the PayLoom 3, not sure if he is or not, he may just be prepping it for RW7 (I have no inside knowledge).

Glad I could help a bit…

Keep us posted on your progress please.

Hi Brad

I purchased CART from YuZoolthemes and it seems just the job for what I need at the moment. However, I cannot seem to get the PayMe or View Cart button to work if I change the currency field to Euro? It works fine with USD. There’s no drop down list to choose any other currency. I’ve tried the euro symbol too. Any help appreciated.

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Oops - so sorry - I spoke too soon. Please ignore my previous message. Works brilliantly with caps ! Apologies. A really great product. Thank you.

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