Safari compatibility

Not particularly pertaining to Rapidweaver. Anyone else noticing Safari browser not working in more and more websites?

What do you mean by “not working”? What are the indicators that are making you think so?

Typically forms and web apps!

I haven’t noticed anything wrong with those, but sometimes, I see scrambled text, especially if it includes code:

To be honest, I am not sure if this is limited to Safari, though.

We try to use Safari as much as possible from a security standpoint. Unfortunately with most of the web applications we use it just simply doesn’t work. Online school, banking, commerce. A lot of things don’t work.

I use Safari for banking and online orders with no problem. As a matter of fact, the only anomaly I’ve noticed was that scrambled text, but if I need it, I copy and paste it to a text editor and then the text looks normal.

In New Zealand we have an eBay clone called Trademe, the pay button never works properly in Safari and results in an error. It works fine in every other browser I have tried though. My problems with Safari always seem to revolve around button presses not being recognised properly.

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Pretty much exactly my experience as well!

Rob (@Rovertek) do you have a URL for the text scrambling? Just curious, would like to check it out.

Yes, Doug (@teefers), here it is, but this has happened to me on many other sites.

Yeah I kinda figured that it’s more than one site from your post. Just wanted to check it out, and see if I can figure out what is causing it. Not at the Mac right now but will take a look at it later. I bounce around between different browsers, but haven’t noticed that before.

At first, I thought this was caused by errors in source coding (I’ve never actually went to the trouble of checking the source), but those sites where scrambling occurred seemed to be made by highly skilled pros.

If I remember well, every time the scrambling was present, it was limited to areas containing a <code></code> snippet.

Looking at that page in Chrome and viewing it in inspector I find it odd to have the ‘before’ and ‘after’ within the code tags.

I looked at Safari for Mac (10.1.2), and it looks OK:

Also checked Chrome (latest version) Chrome canary, Safari for iOS (9.3.5), Chrome and Firefox for iOS and all are looking good.
The before and after @PaulRussam mentioned are valid CSS syntax, inserting non-breaking spaces.

Are any of you running any add-blockers or Privacy shields?

I have found that forms and pay buttons can misbehave with add blockers or Privacy shields.

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Blocking pop up on MAC but not in iOS happens in all versions of Safari

I do run these 3 extensions: 1Password, Ghostery and WOT(Web Of Trust). I’ve never noticed any of them having adverse effect on web pages, though. But I’m going to test Ghostery and WOT. 1 Password is an absolute must-have, so, even if it is the reason for scrambled text, I will not remove it.

I would bet it’s

I have privacy badger on Chrome at it can do some strang things.

FYI: I have tried it with blocking on and off.

I looked at the linked site in Safari and it looked clean and perfectly laid out. Nothing overlapping on my iMac. I have 1Password running, as well.

Terry Vosbein

I have turned off all extensions except 1Password, quit Safari, even shut off and re-started my Mac. The text scrambling still occured same way.

Then, I thought the reason was my habit of increasing the viewed font-size by typing “command+”. Admittedly, it was a long shot, but I tested it anyway. When I returned to the original font-size, scrambling was still there.

All the time, it only pertains to areas containing <code></code>. In Chrome and Firefox everything looks normal.