SEO-Rx and the SEO feature in RW7. Is SEO-Rx still relevant?

I haven’t seen anything on this topic in the forums yet but just wondering how important SEO-Rx is now with the internal SEO review now built into RW7.


that’s a good question I was wondering the same. Currently I’m on Rapidweaver 6 and have SEO-Rx so was interested watching the video about the new Rapidweaver 7 ‘Health Check’ feature.

Hi, guy’s, If I can chime in here. RW7 is a game changer with all its functionality. I don’t think it makes SEO-Rx redundant, though. SEO is still a great stack for folks who are not upgrading to RW7. SEO is also a second opportunity to make sure you have your site tagged just right. That’s my two cents on this topic :slight_smile:

There’s information already published here about how SEO-rx compares with RW7 Health Check:

As you can see, it checks many more SEO factors and it does other things like presenting useful lists of stop-words in different languages. It’s still an extremely valuable addon to own and it would be a mistake assuming that RW7 Health Check replaces it.



As @willwood pointed out, I think it’s still quite relevant. Health Check is largely focused on page structure (missing meta tags for example). SEO-Rx is focused on your page content. This is the most valuable piece of SEO. I have the link published already and I am working on a simple comparison document with SEO Rx and health check. If you drop a simple image on a page with SEO Rx you can see how much more SEO Rx covers than health check. For instance:

  1. Image file name for stop words.
  2. Image alt tag for stop words
  3. Image alt tag isn’t reused on a page
  4. H1 header is on your page
  5. Headers are used in order (a H6 doesn’t appear before a H5)
  6. Duplicate content (you don’t have an index.php and index.html file published by mistake)
  7. Broken links on your page (coming in v1.1)

These are just things I am listing off the top of my head :slight_smile:

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.



Thanks Greg. This is a great help. I really appreciate it.

:+1: for this feature

More to come too :wink:

Internationalization of stop words, new tool tips, and word/character/sentence counts for styled text areas :slight_smile:


Thanks for that information, Will. I didn’t know about that.

sounds good Greg I find SEO-Rx a very useful stack

SEO-Rx v1.1 is now out! More information here