Consolidating a project and its resources/files/images?

Very nooby question…

Is there a way to save my work in progress project into a file/folder and have it consolidate all the ‘resources’ i’ve imported into that project file/folder ?

I have lots of images in ‘my resources’ from various locations on my mac, and id rather just have the project save/consolidate them all together so i don’t have to worry about possibly deleting the images from my mac and then having the project not be able to find them.

In Logic Pro X you can consolidate all the media you import into the project, is this possible in Rapidweaver ?

This isn’t available in RapidWeaver 6, but “portable documents” are something that we’ll be launching in RapidWeaver 7 :slight_smile:




You can do it manually and relink your resources…

Recommended workflow…

Create a Folder for a project (I use Desktop/Websites/ProjectName), but you can use Documents or whatever you choose (MUST be on local drive)

  • This is where your RW project file will be (filename.rw6)

Add a folder under it for Assets (Desktop/Websites/ProjectName/Assets)

  • this is where you would add site images, pdf files, zip files, etc (You can sub-folder organize here if you desire)

So, you have closed RapidWeaver, moved your project file to the proper folder, now open it

Now you have to go to each resource independently and find it’s source, copy the file to your created Assets folder and relink it in RW Resources to the new folder location.

Save project

In the future, when you find an image you want to use or other resource, simply copy it to this new Assets folder

Now, all your assets are in one place, should you ever have to zip it up and send it to support for troubleshooting, everything is in one root folder and easily located.

It sure is a PITA for current projects but worth the trouble in the end for disbursement of project to Client if that is in the contract or to zip for long-term storage to clear disk space.