How do I add a file folder of images to Resources in RW 6?

Can you tell me the quickest way to add a folder of images into Resources…any one?



Before you step into RapidWeaver. Save all the images you want to put in the “Resources” folder into its own folder in Finder. Then make sure you move/ save this folder to a location on your HardDrive where it will never change. If the folder changes location on your make (i.e. Moved from the Desktop to Documents) the link made in RapidWeaver will become broken, and you’ll have to do this again.

Once you’ve completed the above. Follow these steps:

  1. Open RapidWeaver.
  2. Find the “Resources” tab under. (It’s right at the bottom of all of your individual pages on the left-hand side navigation.)
  3. Right click the word “Resources”.
  4. Select “Add Folder” from the sub-menu. Name the folder whatever the hell you like. Remember to use “-” (dashes) instead of spaces and avoid using CAPITAL LETTERS. This will help with Google Search.
  5. Open in Finder the folder you’ve saved all of the images to.
  6. Select all the images.
  7. Drag and drop the images into the “Resources” folder you have just created.
  8. Presto. You are done.

Hope this helps. Anything more, drop me a line.


Thanks very much, Thomas. I followed your instructions, and it all worked out great!!