Moving project to a different location

I have a problem concerning the location of files and would welcome any comments as to what to do. When I upgraded to Rapidweaver 7 the app file stayed in my downloads folder. As a result new projects that I have begun seem to be located in the same folder.

I want to move an existing project out of the downloads folder and into its own folder with all the relevant files and attachments, images etc moved as well. Is this possible? Is there an easy way to do it?


Make a folder in you users folder called websites, then a folder in there for each project.

Thank you Robert but that isn’t the problem. I am wondering if there is a way to move the complete project from where it is now to a new folder dedicated to that project. F

The project file is just a file. You can move it to anywhere you like.

I am learning a lot today.

So, does the .rw project file contain everything in the project, including all the research images et?

I must say I believed there would be a lot of associated files.


Yes, and no. It depends on how you set things up. For instance I “warehouse” all my images. This means I upload them to my server and then insert direct links to them when using RW. The end result: not everything is in the project file. I do this because I find the results are more predictable and pages load faster. The point isn’t that I warehouse, but rather it depends on how you’ve set up your project.

For the vast majority of new users (I’m assuming this includes you) they use the drag-drop approach to inserting images and other resources. That should be included now in your RW project file.

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I would still put a folder in your project folder called assets or something similar to that and put them in that folder as well. Just have it one central location.

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Thank you so much, Robert and Matthew.

That has been very helpful and I hope others have been helped too. I really appreciate your input.