Contact form does not work with PHP 8.0

Hi everybody,
The contact form integrated into RW7 does not work with the new PHP 8.0 version.
When you send a message, you get this :
Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function get_magic_quotes_gpc()…

After internet research, get_magic_quotes_gpc() has been removed in PHP 8 (deprecated since 7.4).
Is there a solution ?
Just for information, can someone tell me if the contact form built into RW8 works with PHP 8.0.
Thank you for your answers

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Hi there @Hubert

As I doesn’t seem to be working on PHP v8 my guess would be it is not designed specifically for that version. Have you tried it on PHP v7.4? If not give it a shot there.

Hi Elixir and thank you,
Yes, it’s working with PHP v7.4 until december 2022 !
But I want to know if after this date, I would have to switch to RW8 or RW9 !
and especially if with RW8, the contact form built into RW8 works with PHP 8.0
Sorry for my english (I am french)
Thank you again

This PHP method was deprecated in PHP 7.4 and removed in PHP 8.0.

This is a question for @realmac, are you going to fix this in RW8 or is this going to be something that someone would have to upgrade to RW9?

The function get_magic_quotes_gpc() has been deprecated since November 2019.


Thank you teefers for your reply, that is the real question…

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I would stay away from PHP 8 for a little bit. There is a lot of breaking changes. I have not had the time to test any of my stacks with it yet either.


Mr Joe Workman, it seems to me that you are not affected by this topic because it is not about stacks. I’m talking about the contact form page provided by the RW7 app and not one of your stacks.

On the other hand, I am currently speaking in another topic about the recurring issue of the skin controls settings in your HTML5 video and audio stacks.
Thank you beforehand

“This PHP method was deprecated in PHP 7.4 and removed in PHP 8.0.”

It seems to me that I specify this information in my initial topic,
but thanks anyway…

Hi Hubert,

You can download a demo of RapidWeaver 8 and open your project in that to see if ti fixes the issue. You can even publish it with the demo.

Hope that helps.

Many Thanks

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Thank you @realmac for responding
It is indeed quite easy to test with a RapidWeaver 8 demo.

But I still allow myself to address myself to the RapidWeaver community which uses RW8, and which went admittedly prematurely from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.0, to ask them if the contact form page works… (when sending a message)

No it does not work and will not work due to the get_magic_quotes_gpc() which is no longer available in PHP 8.0. The fix is not to use PHP 8.0 until more stacks, plugins and RW software us updated to be PHP 8.0 compatible. As PHP 7.4 will be around for years to come it’s not too much of a worry yet.

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For reference, here is the PHP version overview.

Thank you for your answers, @Pyrobrit and @instacks

My web host will no longer accept PHP 7.4 in December 2022.
Sure, no worries before time.
Hoping that RW8 will be updated, or you will have to buy RW9, or even buy a “contact form” stack …

Or go for an alternative solution, just use a suitably obfuscated mailto: link that opens up your visitors email program so they can compose a message, no php to worry about.


Indeed, it is a good alternative!
Goodbye php…

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