Contact Form email problem?

Was using FormLoom for contact (tho’ don’t ‘get’ their Captcha), but my ISP wants to upgrade PHP to 8.0, and Yabdab isn’t ready. So I went back to your contact form, but…when I try it on my site, I get “I’m sorry, there seems to have been an error trying to send your email. Please try again.” Which isn’t helpful. I can’t find where to specify my mail server. I have tried it with the ‘use your email’ ticked, or not. I don’t know where to use the other option, specifying address in PhP script. Help?

Your ISP seems to be a bit over zealous on forcing an upgrade to php 8. Version 7.4 is still supported for a while yet.

There was a previous thread about this topic

End result is that most RW devs, including RealMac, have not tested their products for php 8 compatibility (due to 7.4 still being supported).

Solution is either to use a HTML contact form (see posts), an obfuscated mailto: link, or in your case change hosts to a company less eager to be up to date at the exclusion of everything else.

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