Contact form doesn't work: 403 access denied

(Steven de Winter) #1

Just uploaded my new website
Using MacBook Pro OS X 10.11.1 and RW 6.3.7
All seems to work fine, but the contact form
doesn’t. When going there the following message is displayed (translated from Dutch):
403 - Forbidden: access denied
You are not authorized to display this map or page on the basis of the provided references
I apologize for the translation, but even in Dutch the wording “on the basis of the provided references” doesn’t make sense to me.
Could the provider’s Windows server be the problem? If so, any idea / suggestion how I may solve this problem?
Thanks for your help!

(scott williams) #2

Does that directory (folder) actually exist on the server exactly how you named it in the link? Where is the actual link in the site ( sorry, I don’t read Dutch)

(Steven de Winter) #3

Thanks for your reply. But yes the folder actually exists on the server. Meanwhile I found out that the contact form plug in is meant to be used on a php server. My provider is using a windows server. So the question really is: is there a way to make this php contact form suitable for a windows server, or is there a contact form plug in specially made for windows servers?

(scott williams) #4

Your host should be able to provide you with php. Can you turn it on in your control panel?

(Steven de Winter) #5

I’m afraid my host won’t be able to help me right now. It’s 2 a.m. (Saturday) so I’ll have to be patient till Monday… As far as I know I don’t have acces to any control panel (assuming you’re referring to a server control panel).

(scott williams) #6

It would seem strange to me that you don’t have access to your control panel maybe different in other countries? I have a Windows server hosting account with Midphase in the US and it has php. I can control which version etc through Plesk (their control panel) on my hosting account. My other host on a Linux server uses Cpanel but once again, I can access it through my hosting account.

Make sure you name that page .php in rapid weaver and if you have it on the server as .htm delete that one with your ftp client.

Good luck to you