Contact Form fails to work

(Philip Hitchcock) #1

Dear All

I’ve been battling with this problem for some time and it has me beat. I hope someone can shed some light onto a solution.

I’m using Rapidweaver Version 5.3.2 on a MacBook Pro.
Hosting with:

I’ve successfully designed and published a website including the Rapidweaver Contact Form. When someone completes the form correctly and hits the submit button, the email is never received and they are given this response:

I’m sorry, there seems to have been an error trying to send your email. Please try again.

I’m at a total loss at to what to do. Any experts out there have any answers or ideas?

Thank you in advance.

(Peter Danckwerts) #2

I’m afraid that the simple answer is that you must have entered something incorrectly.

(RWtuts) #3

Take a second look at the configuration of the form, you may have missed an @ or something similar in the E-Mail you have specified.

Another option would be FormLoom, it’s an awesome plugin dedicated for contact forms - it’s easier and faster to setup in my opinion. There’s a free trial available too, simply google it.

(Oscar Schmid) #4

Perhaps this!
This is a known issue with some hosters.
Not all hosters can properly process the RW contact form plugin.
Some hosters, there is no reaction, in others there is a misrepresentation of the mail form.
Try it with FormLoom, how RWtuts already wrote.

(Philip Hitchcock) #5

Thanks for all of your suggestions.

I have double checked the email address and details entered in the settings and all appears to be correct. My Host says they support LAMP so I guess it should work.

I am unsure if the following need to be selected although I have tried and it’s made no difference:
Send email using your email address
Define email address in PHP mail script

I will give the free trial of Formloom a go as suggested. Thanks again.