Error using Formloom Contact page

I just discovered that my Formloom contact forms aren’t working, when they previously were fine. Nothing changed to my knowledge.

I’m not really a tech person…any ideas how to fix the errors and get them working again?

It looks like I have FormLoom 4.0.14…and RapidWeaver 8.9.3.

Here are the two contact forms and errors that show when trying to send a test message.

  1. Contact Jaacob Bowden

Error! Oops! An error occurred. Please try again.
Internal Server Error

  1. Email Golf Ventures LLC Support | Golf Ventures

Error! Oops! An error occurred. Please try again.

0 message were sent. The following addresses had problems, SMTP connect() failed. Troubleshooting · PHPMailer/PHPMailer Wiki · GitHub

Do you know what version of PHP you are using?

How can I tell?

Edit: Oh wait, I think I found it…looks like PHP version: 7.3.32.

Well the documentation says that version should work (7.3+). Although I would probably look at upgrading to at least 7.4.

Unfortunately, sending forms can be difficult to troubleshoot. PHP for security reasons doesn’t display errors to the browser. Your hosting company might even have erRor logging turned entirety off. If they are logging errors you’ll need to find out where the error log fole is located.

Other than finding the error logs, I’d suggest you start a support request with @yabdab and in the meantime I’d double-checked the mail settings, make sure the mailbox works.

You might also check with the hosting company and find out what changes they might have made when it comes to sending mail. More and more hosts are tightening down on sending mail.

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Just as a follow-up in case you were curious. I was wrong about what version of PHP my server was running.

It was 7.0.33 and not 7.3.32.

Now that those are getting updated it seems to be working. One form is working again…working on the other now.

Thank you very much for your help!

Update: Got the other one working. The SMTP on the other one was also going to an old hostname. So, that one had two issues.

But all resolved now, thanks!