Contact form -> lots of spam

Yes I have, but all those SPAM mails comes from form.
There is same field every message


And sender is my own email

Is SPAMer use footer email, sender is different.

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Yes those emails appear to be coming from the form alright.
You appear to have been unlucky there and a bot (maybe with human assistance) has found a weakness in the form.
I think we’ll change things up a bit in an update, literally moving some goal posts and fences around a little to see if we can stop bots that have managed to find a weakness.


Ok, thanks.
Waiting for update :slight_smile:

Out of interest, which web hosting company are you using @Machist? I’ve had a similar problem recently with the Rapidweaver contact form being used to send spam.



Hi Rob!
I use Finnish hosting company Suncomet (

OK, that’s a different one to me. The site I’m having problems with is on Little Oak hosting. Thanks!