Need a spam-resistant 'Contact Us' form plugin

(Andy Moose Dude) #1

I got a russian spam on my contact page and need a Rapidweaver plugin /Contact Us plugin that either has good spam-killer tech or some sort of captcha/human test mechanism.
Any recommendations? What are you using for your site?

(Jan Fuellemann) #2

Doobox Contact Form - it uses the honeypot method so I do not have any spam on my sites…

(Rob Beattie) #3

There’s also which uses the same method.

(Will Woodgate) #4

And the free Formulate stack if you’re using one of my themes.

(Greg Schneck) #5

Thanks for the link Will! I didn’t realize you had some theme dependent stacks on the themes site!

(Doug Bennett) #6

Everyone has given you stacks. The post asked for plugins, so you might have a look at FormLoom 3, it’s a plug-in and also can be displayed on a stacks page. It’s very secure and has reCAPTCHA Support.

(LJ) #7

and Formloom 4 is on it’s way promising some pretty nice new features

(Andy Moose Dude) #8

Plugin, stack…doesn’t matter. Sorry I didn’t clarify

(system) #9

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