Contact form mess

Using Rapidweaver 6.4 my contact form now shows 'gibble gosh" behind boxes.
This happens in preview mode. If i load my site to the web it shows fine but when the form is 'submitted" it shows the same gibble gosh and the sender does not know it’s sent. My sent confirmation does not show. Please help. Here is the link, fill out and put test in the blanks please. see link here

I tried redoing a new contact page from scratch. Also note that the contact form is a page within a page. That may be part of the problem.

You can attach an image to a post by dragging it in.

Please post the URL to your page so people can help troubleshoot your problem.

Got it. Thanks. Filling in 20 letters for post now.

Could it be that your hosting plan doesn’t include PHP?


Can you see the difference?

Change your page extension to .php if it is not set as that already.

Delete the .html version of the page that exists at the same location.

Remove the spaces from the directory name in the page inspector. Web directories never have spaces in their names. Substitute with hyphens or underscores instead.

Republish. Clear your browser cache. Try the page again.


Hi Will!!

Thanks so much for the info!! I think it worked.

Brian K

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