Problem with Contact Form plug-in

Brand new to Rapidweaver 6. Using Contact Form as one of my webpages. After saving, I published, and everything looked great. Tried a test using my personal email info and filled-in the required fields. Submitted the message. The email message from the Contact Form never showed up in the designated website address. What happened? Why is it not working? Thanking you in advance.

Your post is rather confusing and not very informative. Are you using the contact form that is built into RapidWeaver or are you using a plug-in? If the latter, which plug-in? I assume that when you say the email message ‘never showed up at the designated website address’ you actually mean email address. There are numerous things which can go wrong with contact forms. You say that you have published it, can you supply the URL? That would make it easier for us to help you.

Let’s try it again. The Contact Form is Rapidweaver 6 plug-in. When I visit my website, go to Contact Us page, scroll to Communication and depress the Click Here link, fill-in the required fields, and then press submit, one would believe the message was sent, especially after the prompt saying it was performed appears above the black form.

The test messages that I have sent never arrived at the email address assigned.

The URL is

Thanks again

this post might help:

Thanks for the input. I talked with the web host technician, and after he performed some tests, it was stated my account with the web host definitely has the capacity to send mail using PHP. He also noted it’s a develop issue, “the script is reporting that it’s working correctly, but it’s not sending mail.” Would be nice to get this resolved. Thanks again.

And you’ve definitely specified as the email address the form needs to be sent to using the settings in the Contact Form page controls?

Who are you hosting your site with? Some hosts require that the “from” email address that an email is sent from is one linked with the domain name you’re using. It might be worth checking the “Send using your email address” option in RapidWeaver, and publishing the form once again.


Niki -
Problem solved. Your comment about completing General Settings is correct. Moreover, I didn’t have to use “Send from…” Thanks everyone.