I seem to be having problems with "contact form"

Hello, I am totally new to RapidWeaver, been using iWeb for the last 6 years but unfortunately iWeb is no longer supported and rather limited. I just purchased RapidWeaver and also purchase a bunch of plug-inns from your head software, and so far I have been able to develop and publish a new web page for my site, I also had no issues publishing it and everything appears to work with one exception. That exception is the “contact form” which comes with RapidWeaver. For some reason it works fine when using the viewer within RapidWeaver but if try to use a web browser (any web browser) it basically crashes (see the attached screen capture) it just tries to open a folder and kicks out of the web page. When I published this onto my site it basically crashed whenever the “Contact Page” was selected. So I tried to just create an very simple one page web that includes a Contact Page and it appears to crash on this one as well. I have carefully gone through all the set-up steps for the Contact Page but I can’t seem to find the issue to the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

There are quite a few other posts about contact issues, and most of them relate to not having php on the web host or an out of date php version.

A good web host should be running php 7 or higher.


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