Contact form Not confirming or sending

My old Rapidweaver site is not sending me emails. How much business have I lost? AAAHH
Not only that it no longer confirms anything is sent, which is good since it’s not sending.

Please help.

Hi @BrianK
Please provide more details so users may be able to help you. What version of RapidWeaver are you using? Are you using the built in contact form or something else? What host are you using? What version of PHP?

To me, it sounds like a PHP issue but definitely need more info.


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Hi Greg, Thanks for the reply.

This site did work without me touching it. So something has changed either at Netfirms - which i have emailed - or ?

I am using the latest Rapidweaver. 6.3.8
Netfirms is my host.
I’m using the contact form that comes with Rapidweaver.
Using blocks plug in and placed the contact for into another page as a page. (if you know what I mean)
This did work. I also used to have a thank you page come up after the user sent the email. But that’s gone.
If i remember it was some code added to the CSS box.
I used to use Rapidweaver a lot and got fairly good at it but I have lost a lot of what I knew. I started with Rapidweaver 3 then 4 then 5 now 6.

thanks for any ideas. I looked and I am getting 1400 visits per month and was wondering why the emails slowed down. Come contact me with the straight email.



Generally speaking, if you have not published to your host since it was last working then it is an issue with php likely.

So, what exact version of RapidWeaver is your project for that site made in?

Have you FTP’d into your server and checked out the log files at all (using an ftp program, not RW)? maybe there is something in there that will reflect some light on why your form is no longer functioning. It could be that the host disabled or didn’t re-enable the php mailer application too…

Perhaps the host recently updated the PHP version and didn’t change some folder permissions that they should have… it really is a guess at this point in time…

Last thing I can think of is that perhaps you were doing some testing and forgot and a html file got uploaded for the form instead of a php file?

Places to start with non-destructive testing prior to republishing entire site…

This would be a destructive test…

If you’re comfortable, delete all site files using ftp app, then republish by marking all files as changed and republish entire site, perhaps you will get it functioning again?


RW 6.3.8
I do believe you are correct. I’ve emailed Netfirms to enquire.
When I go into my pages on their website all my files in the files folder are old 2012.
I cannot find my new files I have uploaded. Yet my site does update to my changes. So they are somewhere.
Like I say I am a novice at this kind of thing, especially lately I have not touched things like this for a while.
I’ve let Netfirms know about the fact it could be PHP and that I cannot find my new files to delete and start over.
Also RW has changed quite a bit. When people talk on the forums about placing code, I have no clue where to find this. I used to place CSS code in the CSS box for certain things.

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I am getting this error message only sometimes.

Are you using Blocks 3.4.7 (it’s the current version of the stack by @isaiah at YourHead Software)?

It’s odd behaviour for a sometimes message like this to pop up.

Try contacting your head software support, they are usually very responsive to possible issues with their products.

RE: your old files are 2012 in a specific folder, but you are publishing to a different folder (which apparently by your information) is the current public folder (www folder)… not sure what to tell you…

When I took over the site for a club that I belong, there were site copies everywhere, took me 3 days to clean it up and get things working properly again in the right folder with lots of research from a host which I was not allowed to contact because I didn’t have authorization from the site owner… talk about a PITA… I feel your pain but have no solutions for you.


FYI, Folder permissions would be adjusted as a result of a PHP upgrade.

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I would push back on your host to see if they can assist more than what you describe. They should be able to point you at your document root so you can find your files (usually public_html or www folder). They should be able to tell you what version of PHP is running too. You may be running an old version of PHP that the contact form is compatible with. I’d make sure you’re running PHP 5.4 or later (at least)


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