Not receiving Emails from my Contact page

I’ve had Rapidweaver web site for a few years, but just recently noticed I that I"m not receiving the contact information. I haven’t changed anything at all on the contact page or anything about the site to trigger this.

Hi @kbranch

Who is your host? They should be able to dig into the logs or investigate for you. Many hosts also block smtp via PHP (for good reason). You may have to use the built in PHP mail function. How to do this depends on the contact form you’re using.

I hope this helps



Hi Keith, along with what @goinup says…

What version of RapidWeaver?

What Theme if using a third party Theme Form Page?

Are you using a Form plugin or stack if not using the Theme’s default form page type?

Which one?

Have you done any updates recently to RapidWeaver, YHStacks, Plugins or stacks that may have changed the way your page is formatted?

The more descriptive, the more assistance can be provided…

Hope that helps

Thanks @goinup, I use Fastwebhosts, but don’t understand why it would just suddenly stop. I experimented with the PHP option on as well as off with no luck. I’ll contact them tomorrow.

I"m using Rapidweaver v5 and the contact form within Rapidweaver. The theme is Nick Cates’ Architect. I did purchase Yuzoolthemes last February, and another upgrade (can’t even remember what it was) a few months ago. Would it work if I deleted this contact form and built a new? I’m assuming not.
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There are many reasons but I don’t know what their support will be able to tell you. It depends on how much access they have.


Keith, never delete a page from your project, you can duplicate it or copy the page and work on the copy. Make sure to turn off the broken form ‘show in navigation’ in page inspector

You can also make a new page for the form somewhere in a sub-folder and rebuild your form and test with it.

Might not be a form issue but a server issue as @goinup suggests. Are you sending emails from this form through your own domain and getting notification emails to or through smtp like google or hotmail? Some hosts turn this off as it basically is passthrough mail and not that great for security.

Hope it gets working one way or the other…


Thank you @Turtle and @goinup for your help. I contacted my host this morning and they had an issue with the server firewall, it is now working. Whew!

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