Contact Form Not Sending Email To Me

Hello all, I’ve been facing this issue for a while now where all the contact forms on my website are not sending the email to me as they did in the past. I have foundation stack, the standard contact form that comes with RW8 (I have RW8.9.1) and I have 1LD Super Forms 2. The last time is worked was after I watch JW foundation tutorial on contact form and tested it out. But then once I decided to improve on the form it started giving error message on the site and since then all contact forms have not work. After you complete the form online it tells you that the form was successful but nothing get sent through and no email comes. I have tried to use my domain email instead of like gmail or other free email services and still the same result. I have contacted my hosting (godaddy) and they have done some thorough check up on may site, I have gone ahead a delete, reset my entire CPanel but still no email being sent. I need some help to get this solve please. Thanks.

More then likely GoDaddy

I think it’s more than that. The RW can’t even install a stack the usual way. You have open the stack library to drag and drop the stack in the finder. If you double click it nothing gets installed or sometimes you get a notification that tell you to move the stack from yourhead to the library where it works best but the stack you’re trying to install, nothing gets install.

Wow! So it there anyone out there experiencing this problem beside me? And where are the developer to this program? can anyone help?

Have you filed a support ticket with the developer? Not all developers monitor this forum.

Doesn’t sound like it, at least not a widespread issue. Sending email varies from host to host. Since you seem to be having issues sending the emails from more than one product that would kind of point to the common denominator that they all are using and that’s the host configuration.

This shouldn’t have anything to do with not being able to send emails. The double-click issue has been around for a while now. It’s probably due to having multiple instances of RW having been installed on your Mac. You can also try right-clicking on the stack and select open-with and pick RapidWeaver.

But that’s not related to the email issue. When you send an email from a website it requires PHP. PHP by default doesn’t post error messages to the browser. For security reasons errors are posted to a log file on the webserver.

Okay, so what “error message on the site” did you get?

Did you get an error message or did you get a message saying it was successful?

It’s hard for people to try and help you without more information.

As @thang David points out you can certainly contact the developer’s support area for additional help, but they are going to need complete information, including those PHP error logs to give you any help.

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Hello guys, thanks for the replies. I do get successful message, from 1LD contact form2, but nothing comes to me. It worked fine at one point and then suddenly it stopped. I watched the foundation contact form tutorial video and tried it and the email came with something like this: * date : 21/04/2021

  • inputname : 97800
  • USD : value, value, value, value
  • LDR : value, value, value
  • comments : TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY!
    Each value here suppose to be a name but it just said “value” and not even that name I gave it.

I went back in to edit it and then I got an error message.The foundation form needed more time which I did not have at the time.

So after that I tried the 1LD contact form. I have the 1LD contact form but I figure it might be too old for RW8 so I bought new 1LD contact form2. This one shows message was sent successfully but nothing was coming to me now.

I tried to the RW8 built in contact form and same successful message but noting is coming. This is where I am. I have called my host and then have done some checks, I have deleted everything on my site and republished it but all still the same.

I came across this link when I was searching online

I am not sure if it the same issue but this roadblock has frustrated me in so much in the past few month. I just hope there can be some kind of solution from anyone who might even want to look at my file.

Ive been with RW since version 5, I’ve invested good money in it since then even though I built website just for myself and I like the control it gave me. Ive been offer other option since then but I just hope I can get this resolve because a lot of money is invested and starting something else this will just he a waste.

I means I will have the app on my computer with thousands of $$$ but paying for some other services. This is my dilemma, hope to get some help from you expert. Thanks.

Honestly, hosting on GoDaddy doesn’t make it very easy to debug issues like this.

I guess my first question would be what form do you want to use, SuperForm 2 (1LD) or Foundations 6 forms?

Foundation 6 is going to give you a lot more options. But with flexibility comes more of a learning curve. SuperForm 2 should be a little more straightforward. I know F6 supports SMTP options. SuperForm 2 just uses the PHP mail() function.

My next question, what email address are you using to send the form to? Is the email account in the same domain hosted by GoDaddy? The email address you are sending to is a sticky point for most hosting companies if you are trying to use the PHP mail() functions.

Most all hosting companies have a strict sender domain policy for using the standard PHP mail(). They will require the email address to be in the same domain and hosted by them. So if your domain is, then you would need to have an email address with something like Things like or would get blocked.

This is to prevent spoofing. Someone sending you an email address with a from address that isn’t really where the email was sent from. If enough spoofing happens, then the entire mail server can get blocked.

SuperForms has a field called define “From” in the Advanced Configuration" area. This you could try to set up the “From” email to point to an email in your domain if you haven’t tried that.

Foundation 6 offers SMTP mail. This requires you to fill out the send mail server information for the mail server that you want to use. So if you are going to use Gmail, then it would make sense to set up the SMTP server to use the Gmail server. You would need to use the setting just like you are setting up Apple.mail or Outlook.mail. Server name, username, password, port and security.

Did you check your junk email folder at the email hosting company?

Does GoDaddy have a /Maildir inside your user directory? Did you check there, if mail rejects or blocked, what does GoDaddy do with it?

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I just hope I can get this resolve because a lot of money is invested

In order for issues like this to not cause you pain it’s necessary to invest something much more valuable and scarce than money - your time and attention, to figure out how these things work and how to troubleshoot them when issues arise.


You’re right. I mean in the early day of RW I did my time. I think my challenge now is not something I expected from my level and understanding of the software. Why I am not getting the email is beyond me I think. But I am investing that time again. Thanks.

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Hi Teefers, I’ve been with goddady since 2010 that what they told me. I was just on the phone with them and they’re now saying it is the SMTP relay. Now, I am not a coder and I don’t really dabble into the complexity of it.

In the old day I just drag and drop and maybe play with a little bit of setting in my hosting panel sometimes with the help of some of their experts.

Overtimes, I knew my way around but its been long since I built anything new and I am finding out these new setting changes. SMTP Relay? This is the message in the email they sent me.

Send form mail using an SMTP relay server

If you want to use your website to send form mail, like submissions to a contact us form, you’ll need to connect to our mail relay server.

Sending mail through other providers isn’t allowed, so you’ll need to use the following settings:
Port: 25
SMTP Authentication: False or none
SSL or Secure Connection: None

Server or Host: The relay server you need to use depends on the type of hosting and script you use. [What type of hosting account do I have?]

I don’t even know if RW has that. I know I have Linux cPanel in my hosting account. and the final step are in this link below.

I will conclude, if anyone have a much easier hosting platform to recommend please send me a link or if anyone know how to decode this with some instruction base on your RW experience please let know too.

The reason why I use RW is to avoid all these coding because of the time required, which I don’t have. So all these new changes are my frustration. I will appreciate any help. Thanks.

The article and information really isn’t helpful.

The only thing I’ve done with go daddy is to move sites away from them.

I just now setup 3 contact forms

  1. One using Doobox’s HTML contact form
  2. One using 1LD’s super form 2
  3. One using foundation 6’s contact form template

All three using straight drag and drop, no special options, no code.
The only restriction I applied was to use the email address hosted by my hosting company (no gmail, hotmail, etc). It took me less then 20 minutes.

All three work and I get the emails fine at the address I used.

If you must use an external address (gmail, hotmail, etc) then it’s a bit more complex. I’ve done it before with Foundation 6 and Foundry’s FormPro using SMTP options.

Here’s a link to the site with the 3 contact form. I used an existing test armadillo blog test page. Nothing fancy but all three contact forms work.
I always advice against using any important email address (like your personal or business email) for ANYTHING on the web. If it gets breached or hacked you can kiss that address goodbye.

I’ve been using DreamHost for years. I used there basic VPS for the site above.
Here’s a referral link if you want to check them out.

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