Contact popup - which stack?

(Matthew Schellhorn) #1

I’d like a stack – I’m sure I’ve seen these somewhere – where there is a constant envelope at the side and it’s on every page so you can very easily click through to contact. Could someone let me know what this is?

Many thanks.

(Jason Bostick) #3

I like the way Glider (by Joe Workman) works. It provides the aesthetics and you’d just need to pop in whichever contact form stack you prefer.

(r) #4

maybe this:

(Joseph Becker) #5

I use Glider and Contact Form by DooBox now for our site - but in the past I have used Formsnap Jr by Yabdab - it has the feature you want - see here:

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #6

@rolisize Yabdab no longer sells KickSnap, surprised you found that page.

(r) #7

yeah just noticed…damn google :slight_smile:

(Jason Bostick) #8

I’ve never seen that Sticky Nav stack before. Looks pretty slick!

(Joseph Becker) #9

Whoops - looks like they don;t sell FormSnap Jr. either. You can check the Glider and Contact Form combo on our website if you wish:

(Matthew Schellhorn) #10

Thanks - that’s basically exactly what I want. I have Contact Form – do you just put the stack inside the Glider stack and then PlusKit it to every page?

(Joseph Becker) #11

Yes, I just put the Contact Form stack inside the Glider stack on the page. We got a single page site but I think the Glider docs here will answer your questions about adding it to multiple pages:

(Dave) #13

I use Glider for most of my sites, but @defligra sells a nice slide-out stack too. You can see an example on this page for example: click the Make A Difference button.