A better contact form stack

I’m currently requiring a contact form that can do the following:
Check (using regular expression) to make sure a valid email was entered for the contact.
Check (using regular expression) to make sure a valid phone number was entered in one of two formats ( (###) ###-### or ###-###-#### )
The ability to have multiple drop downs (to for example tell where they heard about us from) and if they pick either option 5 or 6 for a text field to become usable to tell us about it if they picked those options.
And finally the ability to have multiple checkboxes for a couple of different questions.

Does such a stack exist? (It must be a stack, as we also require a map next to the stack for where our location is, which throws a plugin out the window :frowning: )

Might not be exactly what you’re after, but I use the default Contact Form (with RW5) which I’ve designed for my requirements - link here: http://www.michaellever.co.uk/forlandlords/comparables/

You can do all this and more with Formloom from Yabdab. It’s a plugin but comes with a stack that allows you to add it to a Stacks page.