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I use RW8 and Foundation.
I noticed a bug with the contact form : i write in french and i use apostrophe in the error label. When i deployed my website, the page with the contact form didn’t display! I don’t understand at first because there was no alert when i test via RW before publishing.

To solve this problem, i put a backslash () before apostrophe and the problem was resolved.

Is this the good solution to put a backslash before apostrophe?

Hope it help people


Perhaps I’m being dense but I don’t understand why you would be using an apostrophe if you’re writing in French. :grinning: As the contact form uses PHP, I suppose it is possible that the apostrophe needs to be escaped but I can’t remember that being the case.

Hello Peter,

For example, i use apostrophe in this sentence (label error) : vous n’avez pas saisi votre email.

After i find the solution, i write : vous n\ 'avez pas saisi votre email.

I should have thought of that! I just tried using an apostrophe on one of my sites. It did work but just said ‘error’ instead of the error message I had given. If you can work around it by using a backslash, I’d say it was not so much a bug as a failure to document the need to escape PHP special characters. Let’s ask @joeworkman

What contact form?

The Foundation one. @joelle I owe you a debt of gratitude. I hadn’t checked my contact form since I redesigned the site (very foolish) and hadn’t realised that the form fields were white type on a white background!

In fact, I was wrong: for this site I used Foundry and not Foundation.

I apologize for this mistake.

It doesn’t help that they have rather similar names, despite being based on different frameworks. Ideally Foundry should have a more Bootstrappy name like Wellington or Cobbler, but it’s too late now!

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