Configuration of Contact form in Foundation

I am working on a new website at


MacOS Mojave 10.14.5

RW 8 Ver. 8.2.1

Foundation 1.8.1

Starter Pack v. 1.8.7

Form Base stack

I cannot get the Contact form to work.

Here is a pic of the form and the setup for the email field and the setup for the Form Base stack.

Before I go again to the server folks I want to confirm that I have filled out the fields correctly.

Any confirmation that anyone can give me is appreciated.

Thank you. Daniel

NOTE: the typo in the first To address has been corrected but not shown in the photo.

Just as a casual observation it looks like the Daniel Wenger email address in the “From Address” is misspelled. It reads “DanieWenger@…” while the “To Address” is “DanielWenger@…” Missing an “l”?

Thank you for pointing that out. My eyes at 84 are not what they used to be. I was hoping that that would solve the problem, but alas, no.

I have checked the other spellings.

Try it without setting up the SMTP server. I’ve never used that option and it has worked for me.


If it’s using Sendmail you may need a valid SSL certificate on the server that host’s your website.
I visited the url you gave and it says your website is not secure so it may be that you need a SSL certificate.

I’m sure @joeworkman will be able to point you in the right direction :slight_smile:


What exactly isn’t working - are you not receiving the message? I just tried your form and got a ‘success’ notification. I’m not familiar with the SMTP setup to provide any guidance there but everything else looked fine (other than the typo mentioned above)

Thanks for the reply and suggestion of not using the SMTP setup. I tried it but with no positive result.

Thanks for the suggestion about security. I was told by the server people not to use the TLS or SSL. I tried both with no success getting email.

The Submit button does produce a positive message that the email was sent.

I think it is time to contact the software people at NetWorkSolutions.

Thanks for the replay.

I did not understand your comment fully. I am setting up an SSL certificate. Will see if that does make a difference. Thank you.

I now have an SSL certificate installed on the site. No change in behavior of the Contact page. It indicates that the email has been submitted but no email arrives.

The site is now published at

and can no longer be reached via

Hi Daniel,
I can see you have an SSL certificate installed on the site as it shows a padlock briefly then the padlock hides on the main page. On inspection it shows 8 warnings that your displaying insecure content (see below) which appears to be a video from

The reason it says insecure is your linking to your other website ( that doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate installed.

So i’m guessing that is why your contact page is not working, however as i’m writing this your contact page which had 3 warnings now shows no warnings, which is good so it might be working.

If it is then it was a matter of waiting for the SSL to kick in, this can sometimes take over 24 hours.


Looks like a PHP parse error on submit.

The issue could be some unexpected characters that you typed into one of the settings. Maybe ether password setting?

Thanks for the reply and comments. Yes, I too noticed that the installation of the SSL Certificate was a process that extended over perhaps a 24 hour period.

It does seem to be stable and secure at this point but the email problem persists.

Joe Workman has posted a comment that I am going to get to now and see if I can make some progress.

Thanks for the reply and the clue.

I did have, at different times, a * and a # in my smtp password entry. I have now removed any special character from my email password on the server.

I can report that my Contact page is now working.

I cannot say for sure that the change in password fixed the problem.

I can say that php ver. 5.3 does not allow the page to function. I am now using ver. 7.0.

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